Dr. Paul Update

The political left mag The American Prospect has a good article about Dr. Paul here.


Congressman Paul is the only Republican presidential contender who opposes the war in Iraq; in 2002, he was one of six House Republicans who voted against authorizing the use of military force. And he opposes our military involvement with such vehemence — both on the campaign trail and on the House floor — that critics have suggested he ought to run as a Democrat. (Paul was unbowed in the second Republican debate last week, using the word “empire” to describe American engagements abroad and invoking his training as a doctor in offering up his assessment: “If we made the wrong diagnosis, we should change the treatment … We’re not making progress there and we should come home.”) While it’s true that many of Paul’s positions seem out of step with the current Republican Party (he also voted against the Patriot Act and Internet regulation), Paul’s no lefty; his positions are in keeping with his libertarian small-government principles and his own austere interpretation of the Constitution.

For those who are tired of partisan politics, Ron Paul should be a breath of fresh air, especially when the media goes into perplexed mode trying to pigeon hole him into a neat, tidy, political party.

Also, CNN gives Dr. Paul props as one of the leading vote getters in a New Hamphire pole…leading 2nd tier candidate that is. Actually, thats not too bad considering most Republicans haven’t heard of Dr. Paul or think he’s “weird” because he doesn’t believe in war mongering and arbitrary nation building. Anyway, here is the article


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