Is Ron Paul disqualified to be President of the United States

According to Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, this is the case. Why you may ask? Well, you can read his article here, but apparently he believes that invading and occupying Iraq is equivalent to protecting the USA against Muslim terrorists, and that giving the government more and more power over immigration is the answer to our problems in that area. So, more government in Iraq and more government here is our answer. Did I fail to mention he is for small government? Really???

Well, Anthony Wile disagrees with Mr. Farah. If you read the Farah’s article then read Wile’s response here. From his article:

We don’t find or reinforce freedom by longing for simpler times, or even passing laws to “reinforce” traditional “values.” Such values cannot, in fact, be legislated because it is the government passing the legislation that is the problem.

It is true that the bulwarks of republican, “free,” societies are strong families and religion, among other things. But it is government itself, especially modern government, that is perpetually at war with the family unit and non-government initiated spirituality.

Thus, when Joseph Farah says Ron Paul is “disqualified” for him as a presidential candidate, I wonder why – and how – Mr. Farah has come to this conclusion. It seems to me to be a conclusion rooted in modern and even facile – as opposed to historical – assumptions.

This quote comes after Mr. Wile tries to delve a little bit into the philosophical and historical roots of this debate. Great stuff. Hope you enjoy it.


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