Is the Christian Right Conservative?

Since I have some traction here at Follower of The Way, at least in my own mind, on politics, specifically presidential candidate Ron Paul, I have a question for my readers that is elaborated in an article by Lawrence Vance. The question is, Will Ron Paul be the candidate of the Christian right?

In order for me to answer this question, I have had to ask myself is the Chrisitan right conservative, or do they blindly follow political aspirants and parties even as they abandon the Christian principles that they supposedly hold dear? More foundationally, why do people hold specific political idealogies anyway? I have argued, or at least asserted, that Christians should view the world through a Biblical wordview. This should be our stance when it comes to our political parties and associations, as well as our candidates. With that in mind, I would encourage you to read the article linked to above. Ask youselves these questions. Ask yourselves why you would/would not, as a Christian, vote for Ron Paul, or any other candidate. Ask yourself if you agree with this:

As a Christian, I admire Dr. Paul’s principled stand on many issues, but I don’t believe the leadership of the Christian Right will embrace him. I think they love centralization more than federalism. I think they love political power more than liberty. I think they love war more than peace. I think they love politicians more than principles. I think they love faith-based socialism more than the free market. And I think they love the state more than God Almighty.

Coram Deo.


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