Ron Paul: The New Braveheart

Check out the featured blog post today on Here it is and it is about Ron Paul. Do yourself a favor. Read the post, scroll down to the YouTube clip of Tucker Carlson from MSNBC and watch the whole thing. Especially the last sentence by Tucker where he says he needs to have Ron Paul on periodically to teach people about freedom.

Why is the media and the neo-conservatives (this would be Bush and all the anti-freedom politicians who call themselves conservatives) so against Ron Paul? Think about it. It has to do with freedom.

Folks, look around you. I’m not an alarmist because ultimately my faith in God secures me, but we are losing freedoms everyday, or at least the propositions are being made. We have to make serious changes to our legislating bodies.

Henceforth on this blog, Ron Paul will be known as the Braveheart candidate!

* Ron Paul, “Hope for America”

* Ron Paul, “Project Freedom”

* Ron Paul Wiki

* Ron Paul Myspace

* Ron Paul Lew Rockwell archive


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