3 Responses to “Chump???”

  1. I miss the Morton Downey Jr show.:)

  2. Dax,
    You were like, 10, then, right?

  3. That was a hard core good rebuke, the guy didn’t get it though. Our generation has been grown up by the communist media and it has been ingrained in us that we “deserve” something, the “government owes us”, bla bla. Only now when I am almost 40 do I realize most of our problems are our own fault, and we are just too proud to admit our own sins and weaknesses and want someone to step in and save us and put the blame somewhere else.

    Also the drug war can’t win because the people sent in to help become corrupted by all the hundreds of millions of dollars that are exchanged, so even good people begin to turn a blind eye and become part time drug smugglers themselves because the money is so good.

    But you know what? pharmaceutical companies see how many billions and billions of dollars people are willing to put out to get high on natural substances, so they have started to create things that can be bought on store shelves that turn into the same type of product to make people high (meth comes from easily available things in a drug store without prescription). So really in the end the drug “war” becomes just the pharmaceutical companies free way to get the government military outlets and police agencies to rid them of their competition, so that in the future they can get all the “drug” money by making people use meth and other types of usa created “patented” methods of getting high.

    I don’t do drugs of any kind including caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. but people have to make choices for their own lives. Like Paul said, should we bring out the military to shut down every mcdonalds because it is not really good for your body and gives people health problems? INDIVIDUALS have to make decisions for their own lives (at least those who are of adult age over 21), for minors you can ban certain things.

    I don’t like any drugs and would leave any place people were smoking up or whatever injecting crap, but even in the Bible a bit of alcohol (though not drunkenness or getting high) is allowed even though I don’t take any, so I don’t have a strong moral argument to argue against all drugs as long as people are not then using any drugs to go and take part in other crimes for which they should be imprisoned for (murder, robbery, drunk driving and other usual drug induced crimes). People can abuse any substance, and we all know how many crimes, murders, deaths, etc. involve alcohol, yet there is no war on alcohol and they don’t put people in jail for life for bringing in some kegs across the border.

    The better answer is for the networks to not allow the wicked vile heretic preachers on tv anymore, and for people to donate money to true Bible based preachers who go around the country and the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from house to house, tent to tent like it used to be done. Then individuals can hear and choose to be born again or not, to change their own lives or not by their own interest and desires and beliefs.

    There are a few exceptions I accept for most anything, but when it comes down to it, we have to blame ourselves first for many of our problems. Yes some problems are not deserved, but I think the greater problems are deserved in most instances in history.

    Various methods of abortions are the greatest genocide in all of human history, but there is no war on abortion, though that is one war I would support as it made even Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, etc look like boy scouts in terms of numbers of souls murdered within a 60 year period.

    In the least our tax money should not be forced to be used to fund abortions and methods of genocide upon embryos. Ron Paul is the only guy I know who would stop all federal funding of this genocide and return each state to decide the matter themselves. Its not perfect but at least I won’t be paying for Miss jones to murder her baby anymore if Ron Paul is elected.

    I think Ron Paul is the final and last hope for America or the western world for that matter. If he doesn’t win the west is cursed by God as far as I am concerned and I am already planning my exodus from North America as we speak because although I hope he wins, I see no possible way he can because the average person is led about by demonic spirits and doctrines of devils and they don’t have the character or courage to publicly stand against the abortion genocide or vote for someone who will do more then anyone else to help either outlaw it, or at least stop the funding of it.

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