Dr. Paul attracting more Democrats?

Ron Paul attracks Democrats from Lew Rockwell’s blog.  Here is the post in its entirety.

Writes Michael Sinclair: “Though a life-long Democrat and liberal, the more I listen and read about Ron Paul’s positions, the more I am moved to think he may be the only intelligent and sane candidate on the trail. Of course, the way the conservatives are treating him you might think he had some communicable disease.

“His statements on foreign policy, the Federal Reserve, and immigration all resonate with me and one wonders how many other old-time Democrats would be willing to admit that the heresy of government programs and foreign adventures need to be reined in and preferably stopped. I will have to change my registration to vote Republican in Kentucky’s primary. Mind you, I think the party office holders and chattering classes will try to stop him in anyway possible.

“In any event, I am going to read everything on Dr. Paul’s reading list and watch any interviews that the media mob will give him.”


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