Obama to Ron Paul…Sweet

Here is a paragraph from an email from Arizona and Utah Ron Paul campaign coordinator Andre Campos.

However, before the ARA convention, Congressman Paul, upon his arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor, was welcomed by more than 150 enthusiastic supporters (some from Tucson and farther). This welcome turned into an impromptu rally with Dr. Paul speaking on the issues, signing autographs, and taking pictures with supporters, for nearly an hour. In addition to the original Ron Paul supporters, many other travelers stopped to hear the presidential candidate speak, including one gentleman who arrived wearing an Obama shirt but left wearing a Ron Paul Revolution shirt, having converted after hearing Dr. Paul’s speech.

It shouldn’t be surprising as more and more Americans hear our founding father’s ideals communicated with passion and sincerity by Dr. Paul, that they too join the Ron Paul Revolution.  May there be many more of this Obama turned Paul supporter’s tribe.


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