Dr. Paul “injects” the Fed into Campaign

Here is a good article with some good recommendations for reading on the Federal Reserve system and the gold standard and how Dr. Paul is the only one talking about these issues in the Presidential race.  What!?  Federal politicians aren’t speaking on substantial issues?  Only Ron Paul is?  How shocking.

Anyway, we could all, myself included, use some education on our financial systems.

Albeit in a small way, probably for the first time since the creation of the Federal Reserve System, it has been injected into a presidential campaign.

In the first Republican presidential candidates’ debate, Ron Paul, a Republican member of the House from Texas, spoke out in favor of the gold standard. Although Ron Paul’s formal education is in medicine, he is qualified to discuss money and economics as he has long studied the works of the great free market economist Ludwig von Mises. Mises is famous for his writings on money and for having exposed the fallacy of a central authority controlling the money supply.

In 1982 Ron Paul served on the U.S. Gold Commission to evaluate the role of gold in our monetary system. The Commission was Paul’s idea, and forming the Commission fulfilled a promise made in the 1980 Republican platform. Although the Commission was Paul’s idea, he could not select the Commission members, and from day one he fought an uphill battle.

After serving on the Gold Commission, Ron Paul coauthored The Case for Gold with Lewis Lehrman, who also served on the Commission. Lehrman became a National Humanities Medal recipient in 2005.

Read the rest here.


4 Responses to “Dr. Paul “injects” the Fed into Campaign”

  1. Russ,
    Remember when I tried to loan you my copy of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”? It does a great job of tracking the history of our nation’s banking and monetary system. I loaned it to my sister-in-law who majored in economics at Armstrong. I’ll let you know when I get it back if you want to skim through it. It’s over 600 pages. I read it in about three days.:)

  2. Dax,

    Uh, yea, I’d like to check it out. But 3 hours. Wow.

  3. Three days..Three twelve hour night shifts. I read a lot more back when I lived in FL.

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