Michael Barone & Fox News try to explain away facts

Check out the video below and watch Michael Barone and Fox News try to explain away the fact that in the Federal Elections Committee data, Dr. Paul received more contributions from those who identify themselves as military as any other presidential candidate.  Mr. Barone uses the old “they were on the mailing list already”, similar to the “Paul’s campaign was good at getting the poll telephone numbers in their supporters speed dials” excuses that Fox News came up with after the debates. 

For those of you who still trust Fox News as a “fair and balanced” source of news, are you starting to question that yet? 


2 Responses to “Michael Barone & Fox News try to explain away facts”

  1. How long will it take the mainstream media to finally recognize Ron Paul as THE frontrunner in this election? If FauxNews is going to have Michael Barone give us HIS guess as to what these figures mean then they might as well have cartoon characters tell us what they think. Journalism these days is a joke. MY guess is we’ll never see Ron Paul be pushed to the front by the mainstream media. And you guys pick on me for calling out conspiracies.:)

  2. Dude — it is hilarious that he would say it’s interesting/curious that military personnel would vote for someone that votes “no” for military action in foreign nations. When I was in the military I couldn’t WAIT to get out of the foreign nations! He makes it sound like military personnel sit around hoping that they can go to war somewhere… they just want to spend time at home with their families instead of risking their life for a dead-end cause.

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