Dr. Paul on Fox News 8/5/7 (Part I)


One Response to “Dr. Paul on Fox News 8/5/7 (Part I)”

  1. It was listening to the Alex Jones Show on shortwave radio back in 1999 when I first heard about Ron Paul. After 9/11 his show really became popular because of his views of 9/11. I actually have some of his documentaries. I haven’t listened to his program in about 3-4 years, but like him or loathe him he doesn’t report anything that he can’t back up with written documentation. Because Alex is on the EXTREME right end of the spectrum FauxNews always tries to discredit Ron Paul for having appeared on his show. This girl is quite comical to me. It’s funny because the mainstream news can’t stand Ron Paul but they have to continue to interview him because of the massive support behind him. They can’t ignore it any longer.

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