Your help is needed

Dear Ron Paul for United States President 2008 Readers,

It is now approaching the end of the summer 2007.  Believe it or not, some states are tossing out the idea of having their primary in December of this year.  This gives non-establishment candidates like Dr. Paul an even harder time to get their messages out to the American People.  Here is what I ask.

  1. If you think this is a good blog, or if you have a personal favorite(s) Ron Paul blog(s), please email it to everyone in your email lists.  We have to get the word out.  Now is the time.  We can’t get this opportunity back, it is now or never.
  2. Contribute to Dr. Paul’s campaign.  Again, it is now or never folks.  Dr. Paul is sacrificing his life for this.  He is about to turn 72 and could (or maybe should) be enjoying his retirement with his family his friends.  He’s not.  He is out from 6:00 A.M. to midnight most days campaigning for you and me.  Do what you can.  Donate now, its the only way he can get his message out there to the masses.
  3. Advertise for Dr. Paul.  By some bumber stickers, makes some signs, buy or make some shirts, and get his name out there.
  4. Don’t give up.  We all know Dr. Paul is a longshot, but his message of freedom and liberty, the message of our country that is slowly eroding away, is strong, popular, and gaining momentum by the day.  Don’t give up.

Thanks for reading and spreading the Ron Paul Revolution message of freedom.


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