Dr. Paul on Drugs in America

Couple of things about this video clip.

1.  Dr. Paul goes into a little more detail on his thoughts on Drug addiction, legal and illegal, and what should (and should not) be done about it.  Lets listen to this with an open mind and consider how effective the “War on Drugs” has been. Oh yea, and notice his continued emphasis on the Constitution. That NEVER gets old to me.

2.  Isn’t it refreshing to see regular people ask thoughtful, relevant questions, instead of the same old junk from our mainstream media? God bless the internet and YouTube.

Enjoy the video.


2 Responses to “Dr. Paul on Drugs in America”

  1. Dude — I’ve been making this argument since I was a sophomore in High School. It seems so obvious. I guess people like being controlled by the government and seeing everything take a downward spiral.

  2. Common sense man. Our national tendancy, due to our governments leading, is to throw money at every problem and hope that that solves them. It doesn’t, and we and our children are starting to pay the price.

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