Paul Campaign Inundated With Email

Ron Paul Campaign Overwhelmed by Emails?

Thursday, September 13, 2007 –

Sources close to the campaign say that thousands of emails are pouring into the campaign every day, faf beyond the capacity of the staff to handle personal replies. The amount of messages is a “qualitative difference” from previous campaigns in which Ron Paul has positioned himself as a libertarian candidate for president. “Fund-raising and response to Ron Paul’s message are both being positively affected by the acceptance of Ron Paul’s message, nationwide,” one source explained.

Ironically, Ron Paul’s small government, Jeffersonian message strikes a more resonant chord with the general American public than today’s core “conservative” Republican base which – as George Bush has refashioned the party – remains pro-war and pro-big government.

The Republican debates themselves have helped expose Ron Paul’s “classical liberal” message to an audience that while receptive has never been made aware of the options to big-government solutions, whether Democratic or Republican. “Every time there’s a debate, the email messages tick up,” the source said. “It’s impossible to answer all of them. When you go home at night, there are still several thousands waiting for replies.”


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