Fog is Clearing from the “Value Voters” Debate

Source:  Lew Rockwell Blog 

WorldNetDaily is running two letters to the editor about the Values Voter Debate that are worth a read. In fact, I’m surprised they were even printed. I’ve pasted them below because there’s no way to link directly to each individual letter, and the letters will only remain on that page for a few days.

Huckabee is not our ‘David’

So, the viewers at the Values Voter Debate voted and guess who won the straw poll: Mike Huckabee. All I have to say to Janet Folger and the couple of hundred voters who voted for Mike Huckabee is: suckers! You have just demonstrated how gullible and deceivable you are.

Just like all George W. Bush had to say is “Jesus saved me,” all Mike Huckabee has to do is throw in a few Bible verses, a few comments like “I’m one of you,” a few nice things about good ol’ family values and the gullible Christian will say, “He’s my kind of guy. I’ll vote for him.” After the debate, Janet Folger even went as far as to say that God has shown us whom to vote for because of the straw poll result, inferring that if you vote for someone other than Huckabee, you are going against God’s anointed.

Folger said that there were people who have been fasting and praying for 40 days, asking God to show whom of “Jesse’s sons” should be supported for president, and asking God to show us His “David.” By inference, she declared Mike Huckabee to be “David.” Are you, Ms. Folger, going to act as Samuel, pour oil over Mike Huckabee’s head and declare him to be God’s anointed? Is anyone who opposes the “anointed” now going to be aligned with unbelieving Saul? How dare you, madam, speak for God in such a way! God did not declare David to be king through Samuel as a result of a political opinion poll!

This is the problem I have with so many Christian “political activists.” They are so easily manipulated by the people who claim to be “on their side” or “one of them.” Do you not see that you are being deceived? Do you not see within yourselves your desire to have influence and notoriety with people of notoriety and influence? Do you not see that the same thing Jesus said of the Jews of His day applies to our culture of “Christianity” today? “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

I am not doubting Mike Huckabee’s salvation. Far be it from me to claim to know his heart. I truly believe, though, that the time of fasting and prayer should have been focused on asking God for discernment, especially in these days of mass deception.

David Ulrich
Pro-war Christians = pro-terror Muslims

Thanks to all the Republican candidates who were brave enough to attend the Values Voter Debates.

It was very evident to me, that the constant references to one’s faith and pro-life stance was in direct conflict with the pro-war, pro-death flag waving being promoted by all but one of the candidates.

Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. It is not morally justified to kill an innocent, unborn child in an Iraqi mother’s womb while engaging in an unjust, undeclared war. Just how “Christian” is the warmonger position? Would Jesus bomb villages with depleted uranium?

Ron Paul was the only candidate intellectually honest enough to express his unwillingness to force the populace into an unconstitutional, global police state. He exposed the other candidates as two-faced, inconsistent panderers who are willing to justify great sins in the name of fighting terrorism.

It seems that the pro-war Christians are just as radical as the pro-terror Muslims. I will vote for Dr. Ron Paul, the man who has proven himself to be the only candidate who understands that being pro-Constitution can and should be consistent with biblical teachings – the very foundation of our republic.

Philip G.


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