Only One Chance

October 10, 2007
Around the beginning of August, our campaign set a fundraising goal for the third quarter. We decided that we had to raise $5,000,000 by September 30th. At the time, we weren’t sure we could meet that goal.

But meet it we did, thanks to you. And during the last week, Ron Paul received more press than he did during the previous nine months of our campaign.

Now it’s the start of the final quarter of the primary season. We’ve set a goal again, and this time, we’re letting everyone track our progress throughout the quarter – the first campaign in history to disclose immediately every cent that is raised.

Our fundraising target for the 4th quarter is $12,000,000.

Without a doubt, this won’t be easy. But this goal is not optional.

Other campaigns spend frivolously. Some even pour millions of dollars of their own money into their campaigns. We do not have either of these luxuries.

This is a goal that we must meet if Ron Paul is to win the Republican nomination for President.

We all need to redouble our efforts. Please get us off to a great start this month by making your most generous donation now:

Then tell your friends, family – even people you don’t know – about Ron Paul and our message of freedom. And don’t forget to look for your name and watch Lady Liberty’s torch light up after you make your donation:

We only have one chance.

Jonathan Bydlak
Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008


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