Tax Hike Mike Huckabee

Tax Hike Mike

It is pretty unfortunate that as long as a politician has halfway decent credentials as an evangelical, that it is not long before most evangelical voters, even the most thoughtful and sincere about their faith, think that because of this they should vote for them.  I think this is happening with Mike Huckabee and it truly saddens me.  There is enough reasonable doubt (to be nice) about his conservative credentials that I would imagine most conservative would run for the hill.  Well, not for Mr. Huckabee, but as this site shows, he is far from a traditional conservative.  Or maybe this is just another result of the neoconservative rule in the Republican party.  Either way, read it and weep.

Tax Hike Mike. 


One Response to “Tax Hike Mike Huckabee”

  1. Very good points! I agree 100%. Tax Hike Mike is counting on Evangelicals to be easy prey. He knows that many people won’t bother to do their homework and find out who he really is. He also knows that as long as he wears sheep’s clothing the flock won’t see the wolf in disguise.

    When will the church obey the mandate to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove?

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